Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Morgan's Words of Wisdom

Living with such a colorful child you are entertained with by her actions as well as her words.  I thought I would share some of my favorites. 

·         Oh my goodness! -  This is said with a lot of emotion in response to just about anything that she feels is an injustice.

·         Itty Bitty Moon -   When the moon is crescent, she calls this the Itty Bitty Moon. 
·         Cheeseburger in my mouth, chomp chomp – When she sees a picture of a cheeseburger or a billboard she usually screams this out.  It is then followed by Mommy I want a cheeseburger, french fries and apples.  Can you tell she likes McDonalds?

·         Her prayer (God is great, God is good, Let us spank him for our food.  Amen) is not followed by Bazinga.  As a Big Bang Theory fan, I have to admit that I love this one.  Almost as much as I love it when she sings Soft Kitty to me.

·         I broke it – the charger.  This one will take a bit of explanation.  One Saturday morning, I was in the garage helping Josh.  She came out said and told us I broke it, the charger.  It took us a few moments to follow what she was saying.  We went inside to find that she had literally broken the charger to my iPad.  The charger was plugged into my iPad charging at the time and I am honestly not sure how in the world she didn’t break my iPad.  I’m still trying to figure out how she broke it, the charger! 

the broken charger

Morgan's words of wisdom to be continued...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stories from Morganland

Morgan has her own way of doing everything.  Two of my favorites are the way she prays and the way she reads stories. 

Every night when we sit down as a family to eat dinner, Morgan has to pray.  But before she can pray she has to look around the table at each person and make sure they have folded their hands and bowed their heads.  If you haven’t done this, she will stare you down and call your name repeatedly until you conform. (Maggie gets especially irritated when she calls her name.)  Once she has confirmed that you are in the correct praying formation, she begins. 

God is Great.  God is Good.  Let us spank Him for our food. 

(no that wasn’t a typo she actually says spank)  At first we thought this was funny and corrected her but she continues to do it.  She refuses to say thank Him.  It is certainly her prayer in her way.  And if she feels moved to pray again, we must all stop eating, get in the proper pray formation and pray again.  We have made it to praying as much as 7 times during one meal at which point we told her God was well thanked. 

Morgan loves to be read to and loves to sing.  Her favorite book is a book that someone gave Maggie when Maggie was 2.  It has a rabbit on the front cover and has several little stories like The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc.  Well one of Morgan’s favorites is Rain, Rain Go Away.  One day she was sitting in the rocking chair reading the book, when Josh and I heard her reading/singing the story.  The version we all know is Rain Rain Go Away Little Children Want to Play.  Well that is not the version Morgan shares with us in Morganland.  As she was happily singing the song, she said
Rain Rain Go Away Little Children Answer to Me
I can only assume she is making sure all the subjects in Morganland understand that she is indeed the queen!

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Booms Are Going to Get Me!

Right before the 4th of July, Morgan became freaked out during a thunderstorm (the booms as Morgan calls them) and when we lost power she made herself sick.  Thinking this was a onetime occurrence and how odd she was I let it go.  Well another storm rolled in several days later and we lost power again and she got sick again.  So now I have gone into ultra fear mode with storms trying to make it loud in the house so that she doesn’t notice, etc.  Then last night came…

I knew that it was going to storm and just hoped that she wouldn’t notice and prayed we kept the power on.  It has become my assumption that the power going out seems to terrify her to the point of getting sick.  So it had been storming and Maggie (bless her soul) was keeping Morgan entertained.  I had the TV up louder to cancel out the noise.  The satellite went out due to the cloud cover (the one thing I hate about satellite TV) and it got quiet.  Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder.  Honestly it must have been right on top of us because it was LOUD.  Morgan stopped and screamed in instant terror.  She then proceeded to climb her way onto the couch between her Nana and me.  She made a space so small for herself so that she could be sandwiched between us.  I noticed that her breathing was quite heavy.  I began to coax her to calm her breathing down (because in my mind that’s all we need is an asthma attack and God forbid we have to go OUTSIDE in the storm).  She got very quiet and threw up everywhere – all over herself, me, Nana, Nana’s phone, the couch.  Fun times.  Nana and I look at each other trying to figure out how to best get out of this mess without making a bigger one.  While as soon as I move, Morgan freaks that I got up.  She takes off running to the hallway behind me and proceeds to throw up 3 more times!  Josh, Nana, Maggie, and I just look at each other in disbelief that she actually just did this.  I look at Josh and ask if he thinks she is sick.  His response was nope she’s just neurotic. 

We get her and us and the house cleaned up.  The storms seem to die down so finally I can maybe get her to bed.  I knew better than to put her in her room because she is literally attached to either Nana or me.  So we lay down in “Mommy’s bed” as she calls it.  It was quiet and she was almost asleep when another window shaking thunder sounds.  She sits up in the bed like someone out of a horror movie and screams DADDY, I wanna go to Morgan bed!  Apparently in her mind, the booms were not going to get her in her bed.  So she went to her room.  It wasn’t two minutes later until she was sprinting back to my room. 

She doesn’t like to be held but she wants to touch someone.  So even after I offered to hold her she refused because she’s Morgan and obviously brave.  However, if she could have crawled back into my belly I think she would have.  There was not an inch of space between us.  Finally she fell asleep and the booms left. 

So every time you hear the booms, think of us as we are preparing for Morgan to go into freak out mode – maybe I should complain about Morgan in normal Morganland at least it is somewhat cleaner unless nail polish is involved. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

What a weekend!

I believe this weekend was a record number for Morgan and her adventures.  She stayed home with me on Friday because I was off from work.  I thought this will be great to spend some extra time together.  Little did I know the fun she had in store for me. 

Friday started out well.  She was in a great mood so I guess that I was obeying all the rules in Morganland (I have a few of her rules figured out but not many).  Everything changed when I decided to take a shower.  While in the shower (and her sister was suppose to be watching her), Morgan who loves her nails painted decided to get her favorite nail polish.  I can only assume that since her toes and fingers had chipped painted on them that she wanted to fix it.  She apparently couldn't open the polish so she shattered the bottle (have I mentioned how determined she is).  I still can't figure out how she broke the bottle but boy did she.  Once the bottle was open she was able to pour the polish all over the ottoman and carpet. 
I guess she thought the living room needed more color.  Needless to say, the ottoman is ruined.  However, I am happy to report that hairspray took the polish out of the carpet. 

I stupidly thought the adventures were out of the way by Friday afternoon.  I should have known better.  On Friday evening, we were at a friend's house.  Our friend's daughter is best friends with my oldest.  Maggie and Hannah love to play with American Girl dolls and Hannah has all kinds of doll accessories including an American Girl jeep.  The jeep is pretty and pink and fairly large since it is for 18 inches dolls. Hannah's jeep must have looked like a lot of fun to Morgan.  I was in their living room relaxing and watching the Olympics.  Suddenly, we hear a loud boom, boom, boom.  My heart immediately went into my throat as I knew it was Morgan.  Then we hear her scream.  The jeep looked like so much fun she decided to take it for a spin DOWN THE STAIRS!  Thank God, she was okay.  I'm still in shock that we didn't visit the ER on Friday night.  All she would say was "my cheek hurts - that jeep hurt me". 

Friday wore me out.  I just wanted a quiet Saturday.  Nope, Morgan didn't have plans for that.  She decided that it would be fun to drink her detangler.  Not sure how that could taste good but it does have a nice smell.  We speed dial Poison Control for the 5th or 6th time in her short life to make sure we don't have to get her stomach pumped.  Another close call. 

She gave us a break on Sunday other than a few normal testimonies of how she rules the world and she was going to see her Nana.  I am hoping for a quiet week but am sure Morgan has other ideas. 

Trying to be like her sister with Maggie's glasses on

The Decision to Blog

Two years and four months ago, I would have told you that I lead a very boring life.  I married my high school sweetheart and had one daughter who wasn't perfect but pretty close to it.  We were the average family and like I said boring.  April 12, 2010 changed our lives forever.  I was blessed to become a mother again to Morgan and life has not been boring since the night she made her arrival. 

The adventures with Morgan started the night she was born.  Apparently, she did not want to meet the world so she had wedged herself under my hip bone making it difficult even with a c-section.  Her next big adventure occurred at 6 days old when her Daddy accidentally dropped her.  At 5:30 am, we had to rush to the ER.  Luckily she was okay.  This incident was horrible at the time but we can now laugh about it often joking this day was when her troubles began because she was dropped on her head. 

The next two years have been filled with a  few more drops on her head (her sister was mainly responsible), a broken leg (totally not our fault or hers but that is another story), trips to the ER, a 5 day stay in the hospital, numerous calls to poison control (we actually have them programmed into our phones now), black eyes, bruises, a cut eye at Grant' Farm (seriously how does this stuff happen), and more crazy things that wonderfully stubborn strong willed child has thought of to do that you can image.  After a weekend full of crazy adventures in Morganland, I decided I needed to write these to share with her (secretly hoping she has someone as crazy I mean wonderful as she is).

Hope you enjoy reading abou the ride we are on!